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Making your car look and feel like new.

We can’t all afford new cars but by having it professionally cleaned, you can get that new car feeling every time you drive.

We offer both exterior and car interior cleaning services which mean that not only will the car look and feel nicer but it can also help to prevent rust and deterioration of the paint work.

Our car cleaning service comes directly to your chosen location so we can visit you either at home or work. Simply tell us where and when you’d like your car cleaned using the form on the right-hand side, and we’ll provide a personalised estimate.

For reasons to believe in us, please visit our ABOUT US page.

We use a waterless car cleaning product that is natural and biodegradable meaning that no toxic detergents will enter into the water system.

By using such products, on average, we can save up to 200 litres of water per car wash as compared to automated car washes.

We will apply a natural finishing wax called Carnauba to the outside of your vehicle. It is a by-product from the Copernica Cerifera tree which can dramatically reduce paint oxidation by refracting UV and infrared radiation from the sun.

Our products will leave your car looking dazzlingly clean and help create that ‘new-car’ feel.

We will contact you by phone to arrange the collection of the key if you choose our INSIDE ONLY or FULL-SERVICE car cleaning option.

N.B. In extreme cases, we may need to use some water to remove excessive amounts of dirt at the start of the cleaning process.

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Waterless Car Cleaning

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Waterless Car Cleaning

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